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It's very rare to find a restaurant that feels like you stopped by a friend's place for dinner, but that is exactly what the East African Cafe is. Every time we go there, we are greeted in the same warm manner. The menu isn't large, it's just good. Everything is consistently excellent. We always get the vegetarian platter and shiro. Always delicious, always served with a smile, and some nice conversation with the owner doesn't hurt either. All this and it's affordable too. Needless to say, this is one of our favourite restaurants in the city. 

Jason Gordon


My wife and I bring our four kids to the East African Cafe whenever we get a chance: it's a relaxed ambience, the owner (Afework) is extremely friendly and helpful, and the food is incredibly delicious and nutritious. Try one of the vegetarian platters

Mark Morton


A great dinner option for those looking for something more than the usual restaurant fare of steak/pasta/burgers.... the East African Cafe is worth a visit for anyone looking for a cheap, cheerful dinner with lots of flavour. (Read complete review.)

Leigh Clarkson

Dining Out, The Record

The food, while not extravagant in selection, is superb. The preparation is a little different each time, always making it enjoyable to return. The pricing is very competitive, and you receive quite a large serving (I generally get one serving to share with another person). The service isn't fast, but that leaves plenty of time to talk with those you go there with, or those around you in the restaurant. The food is incredibly good, flavoured with mixes of many tasty spices (you can request hotter or cooler spices for your meal). They specialize in vegetarian dishes, and also have several meat dishes that can be added as well. All in all, this is by far my favourite restaurant in Kitchener. The food is superb, the atmosphere and people a pleasure to be around, and the price is very reasonable. (Read more reviews.)


Best place to eat in Kitchener-Waterloo!!!

Anya H.

The food here is really good and there are interesting vegetarian choices. The owner is super nice and friendly.

Tereza M.

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