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Your hosts, Helen and Afework, are gracious and friendly and the ambience is relaxed and comfortable.

Located in the heart of downtown Kitchener, East African Cafe offers excellent, authentic East African cuisine at very reasonable prices. 

Central to our dishes is injera, a yeast-risen flatbread on which various minced vegetables and savory stews are served. Patrons use the injera, rather than utensils, to pick up morsels of food, usually from a large platter shared with family or friends. 

For lunch and dinner, we offer many vegetarian dishes, such as misir, made from split red beans or lentils, and ater alicha, made from yellow peas. We also serve non-vegetarian dishes such as alicha tibs, made from lamb, and kitfo, made from lean beef. Or try our nutritious ful, made from fava beans. Our dishes ranges from mild to spicy, are nut-free and can be prepared without gluten at your request. 

With your meal, enjoy coffee, espresso, a glass of wine or beer (including the famous Kenyan "Tusker" beer). 

Come by and let us share with you the good food of East Africa!

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